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Closing VAT Tax Havens

Finally we see some action from the coalition on the issue of tax havens, albeit a small step in the right direction. The hint by Lord Sassoon at proposals to be brought forward in the upcoming budget to change or even better to possibly remove the VAT exemptions currently enjoyed by the Channel Islands is […]

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FCO puts British lives at risk

The ideologically driven condem coalition government has demonstrated profound failings over their handling of the evacuation of our citizens from Libya. When we finally started to evacuate our citizens from Egypt, during a much more peaceful revolution, we were the only country in the world to rely on privately chartered planes and furthermore to charge […]

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The Greatest Tax Heist in History

So the pro-corporation, anti-society coalition government is proposing changing the tax code to give corporations the largest single tax break in British, perhaps global history. The basics are fairly simple. At present corporations domiciled here pay UK Corporation Tax on profits earned offshore at the difference between the Corporation Tax of the offshore location and […]

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What happens to Diplomats when a regime falls?

As Libyan diplomats across the world have resigned in protests of the blatant attacks by Gaddafi on his own people we have seen some ambassadors refuse to step down and back the regime, in particular I’m thinking of the head of the UN mission Abdurrahman Mohamed Shalgham, what happens to these diplomats diplomatic protection if […]

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A bit of Truth on the 50p Tax Receipts

I’m usually quite a fan of Fraser Nelson, but his blog posting for the Spectator today is simply misleading and an example of the kind of sloppy journalism that editors are meant to be employed to prevent happening (see here). It was written in response to the following tweet by John Rentoul (see here): Where […]

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Police Tactics Need to Change

The student protests in London last night demonstrate the final and complete failure of police tactics. Policing in Britain has always been policing by consent but the tactic of kettling and the use of mounted police against protesters that are largely unarmed, excepting occasional flares, does nothing but provoke the kinds of violence we have […]

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Oh for a Government of Principle

Where have all the principled politicians gone? I’m starting to suspect that they’ve largely died off and that perhaps the present hegemony of the inter-war and post-war generation (I roughly have those born from around 1930 to 1960 in my sights here), which has controlled our political system for my entire life, never had any […]

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Small Considered Investment, Not Grand Follies

Over the weekend I managed to get myself engaged in a small disagreement about a proposed redevelopment of the local seaside town Redcar with Steven Goldswain, Joe Anderson and by extension put myself somewhat in the middle of an argument they are having with the local Liberal Democrat MP Ian Swales. A Little Background For […]

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CPS Charge 4 Police Officers with Assault

In a move that may bring hope to the Tomlinson family the Crown Prosecution Service has charged four police officers with assault over the December 2003 arrest of Mr. Babar Ahmad, an IT support analyst, in Tooting, South West London. It is particularly shocking, however, that it took seven years from the date of the […]

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Afghanistan War Logs

Wow. In a definite blow for Freedom of Information the whistle-blower site Wikileaks has provided ┬áthe Guardian, the New York Times and Der Spiegel access to the American Army’s War Logs for the Afghanistan war, totalling over 90,000 documents, from 2004 to 2010. Check it out here:,1518,708314,00.html This is a breaking story, […]

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